"Futurism Eagle Eye": A Managed SIEM Service powered by "IBM QRadar SIEM"

Strengthen your hospital’s security posture with a next-gen and advanced threat protection solution

Cyber criminals see a feast of opportunities when it comes to hospitals and healthcare organizations. In fact, COVID-driven cyber attacks saw a huge spike during the pandemic with most attacks aimed at stealing sensitive patient data and health records.

A trusted IBM Global Security Business Partner, Futurism helps healthcare providers adopt leading IBM security solutions including IBM QRadar, Watson AI and X-Force to streamline and improve their security operations. Developed with IBM, "Futurism Eagle Eye" is an advanced threat protection offering that offers up-to-the- minute protection from novel threats.

Leverage the power of IBM QRadar to detect suspicious activities in real-time, prioritize and mitigate novel threats automatically with predictive intelligence from IBM X-Force and help your security team to proactively respond to threats and evolving attack tactics including multi-prong cyber attacks.

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Benefits of "Futurism Eagle Eye" - A Managed SIEM Security Service

  • Real-time threat intelligence & event monitoring (powered by IBM X-Force)
  • Insider threat detection and cloud discovery
  • Data exfiltration and protection against phishing attacks
  • Endpoint detection & response (EDR)
  • Automated security investigation powered by IBM Watson AI
  • IBM QRadar incident forensics (Network scans to identify anomalous communications)
  • Detect abnormal connection behavior (volume/time/geographic)
  • Detect rogue services and systems, Malware/Worm propagation, etc.
  • PowerShell Attack (Process base lining to detect unusual and malicious processes)
  • DNS Attack (detect outbound requests to malicious sites, identify DNS trends and certificates)

Get ahead of sophisticated threats with Futurism Eagle Eye.

Why Futurism Eagle Eye?

Best-in-breed security solutions

Detect unknown and known threats leveraging industry-leading security technology including IBM QRadar and X-Force. Identify, remediate and prioritize risks by applying IBM Watson AI to accelerate investigations by 50%.

Proven technical and security expertise

Deploy a team of highly qualified and certified security professionals and strengthen your security posture by performing regular risk analysis, threat modelling, and user awareness sessions. All with a flexible licensing and engagement model.

Proprietary security solutions

Futurism Eagle Eye comes with self-diagnostics and self-optimization security features for 24-7-365, risks and insider threat detection capabilities. Proactively hunt threats and automate remediation process with Eagle Eye.

Key Features

  • Better interoperability (no vendor lock-in) & low TCO
  • Security solutions powered by market-leading technology (IBM)
  • IBM security partners with 15+ years of expertise
  • Proprietary security solutions
  • Proven technical expertise with global footprint
  • 24x7 Advanced threat protection & Rapid threat response
  • Real-time threat intelligence & security analytics (IBM Watson AI)
  • Automated cybersecurity response
  • On-demand security audit capabilities
  • HIPAA compliance
Explore the possibilities of IBM QRadar for your healthcare business.

Futuristic cybersecurity solutions from the #1 IBM product experts

Futurism Technologies Inc. is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Business Partner helping businesses of all sizes across the world adopt IBM security technology with its proprietary and licensing security solution (Futurism Eagle Eye – an advanced threat protection managed SIEM service offering powered by IBM QRadar SIEM ).