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You may have heard recently of the cyber security breach at Australian manufacturer Lion. In that article, Futurism cyber security experts identified a couple areas that companies can focus on to improve security.

“we have seen that cyber attacks have risen significantly using websites/portals, mobile endpoint devices, and mobile applications as entry points. When engaging a vendor to develop a website or mobile application, don’t make your vendor choice based solely on price but make sure they prove to you they know how to develop secure applications.”
“The lack of diligence around Asset Management is creating new threat surfaces as organizations often don’t know the current health, configurations, or locations of their systems and devices. Cyber security technology such as unified endpoint management exist to help track, manage and secure endpoint assets.”

There are millions of pieces of malware found on mobile devices each year. I would like to schedule a phone call with you to review how Futurism can help protect your company from cyber attacks.

Futurism offers secure development for websites and applications as well as an EndPoint Secure offering to protect all your endpoints including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and IoT devices.

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